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ABC FOODS is situated in the very heart of the Bordeaux’s bustling National Market – which is the 3rd largest in France. Our proximity with producers gives us an in-depth knowledge of the products and gives us inside access to the major suppliers not only in France, but also in Europe and around the world.  Our suppliers are our partners as we strive together to consolidate lowest costs with the highest quality.

ABC FOODS trades in all sorts of commodity and food products including and not restricted to; frozen meats and fish, cereals, wines and spirits, dairy produce, and even pet food!  We supply finished goods as well as raw materials for the food industry.

Our customer base is truly the heart of our trade. Whether we are dealing with importers or distributors, we provide the highest services to make sure that our customers stay satisfied. A multilingual staff is readily at hand in order to access new markets and provide up to date information for our clients. At ABC FOODS the client truly is at ease .